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Free Webinar - HR Excellence: Managing Compliance, Data Management, and Employment Best Practices

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What's the webinar about?

This webinar covered subjects such as Compliance, Data Management and Employment Best Practices.


1. GDPR - The Cornerstone of Compliance

GDPR is the linchpin of regulatory compliance. Learn how to safeguard sensitive employee data, ensuring just legal compliance.


2. Empower Your Workforce - Self-Service for Data Management

Allowing staff to manage their own data, from personal information to certifications, can not only reduce administrative burdens but also promote a culture of ownership and responsibility.


3. Right to Work Made Simple

Navigate the complex landscape of managing employees' right to work effortlessly. Learn about streamlined processes, ensuring your company remains legally compliant.


4. Effectively Managing Terms of Employment

Manage employment terms, from probation periods to contract terminations. Explore strategies for seamless transitions that minimise legal risks.


5. Bonus Management and Salary History

Learn how to manage Bonus and salary history easily


6. Comprehensive Benefits Recording

Meet HR demands by documenting benefits within the HRLocker platform.


7. Reference Checking and recording references

Explore reference management capabilities within HRLocker.

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