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📢 New Product Feature! Customisable Review Templates

New Product Feature! Performance Reviews Webinar

What's the webinar about?

It's the time of year when annual & salary reviews are at the forefront of the minds of HR departments. HRLocker has developed a brand new product feature for our Reviews Module - Customisable Review Templates.

Develop bespoke templates for comprehensive salary negotiations, engaging onboarding sessions, exit interviews, and more. Construct dialogues that are not merely productive but also precisely attuned to your unique organisational requirements. It's time to move beyond one-size-fits-all approaches.

In this webinar, we ran through the benefits of customisable reviews and how to get them set up and working in a way that aligns with your organisation.


🗂 Thorough Disciplinary Record Keeping

Securely log and manage all discussions and actions, ensuring a clear and accessible history that safeguards both your organisation and its employees.


🔍 Versatile Appraisal Capabilities

Enhance your appraisal discussions by creating tailored templates for various appraisal types, ranging from regular check-ins to annual performance reviews. Provide feedback that is not only relevant and impactful but also aligned with your specific organisational goal.


📊 New Review Templates

Efficiently create and assign multiple review templates to offices, offering flexibility and customisation. Design your templates, complete with multiple tabs and various field types, covering everything from mandatory fields to document uploads. Attend to employee and manager sentiments and performance metrics with precision.


🌟 Preview and Publish Templates

Eliminate the guesswork by previewing templates before finalisation, then seamlessly publish them to the appropriate offices.


🚫 Unpublish and Archive

In the event of necessity, unpublish templates without affecting completed reviews, maintaining an organised system through proper archiving.


Say goodbye to standardised HR processes and welcome tailored, efficient interactions.

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